At Last...a proper beginning

Published on 27-03-2012 21:24 uur

...I wanted to speak, uh, write before but the weather JUST GOT TO MY HEAD!
I was living like a mole this winter (no, not a Lemmy type mole, the blind and sweet little thing underground) and the moment the sun appeared and the birds began to twitter I jumped on my bike, almost forgetting to get dressed.
I didn't really stop until today. Just over 700 kilometers this year up till now.
I felt guilty because I have this wonderful PR lady called Linda Ogwell, fresh from Kenya (she arrived in the winter after a whole life in Kenya!!) and she got me to twitter and told me I have to blog so that the world gets to know me and she's so doing her best and I'm cycling into the sunsets and disappearing and...
Ok here I am. What can I tell you? I've been around for a while (the English are so good at understatements :-)). I've seen many places, met many people, stood on many stages and sang many songs.
Now I wanna get back on the stage and just sing MY songs but that's not as easy as it need a band for that and for the first time in my musical life I got the goods but I ain't got the band In 1972 I had both but boy oh boy oh boy did we blow that one!
This was the real intro. Tomorrow we'll go back to 1972 (in this age of short attention spans I don't wanna go on for too long do I?)
Goodnight and dream of flying. I can recommend it.