Bring It On Home...

Published on 12-10-2017 10:57 uur

Last night, The freshly re-united band practised two new songs. One of them being 'Bring It On Home' from Led Zeppelin.

This music I grew up with & the song that I sang many times with the Zeppelin tribute band, Physical Graffiti - the band that successfully toured for ten years after the SoundMix Show in '97 (see bio & YouTube).

I'd bought a new blues harp (harmonica) & was inwardly pleased that I'd gotten these more basic guys - musically, that is! - to play a Zeppelin tune. The first time that we played it we all looked at each other afterwards & nodded. It had sounded as tight as a gnats ass (pardon my French)! The harp had played itself & we 'owned' Bring It On Home already.

These guys are not from my generation & unlike me, never got into the improvisation stuff that I musically grew up with & wich was a trade mark of Led Zeppelin as well as us, Physical, the tribute band.

I suggested they listen to one of the live recordings which had a great add-lib middle piece but featuring some stuff I thought might spark something in my fellow musicians: it did & it worked out & now the song is longer, more interesting & is Blues/Rock at it's best!

I came home with a good feeling. I'd kinda thought my band & gigging days were over but with these guys, Richi, Silvan & Maurice, I can see a few years yet!

Speak again soon. Peace.

P.S.  If you click on the link at the bottom a picture will appear. This particular one is from the Golden Earring tribute gig where we got a crowd of 2000 going nuts. It certainly helped that this nice lady was willing to play the nun from the Lady Smiles video...

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